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Student Exchange in Peru: That's me (in the red t-shirt). To my right, a Belgian Sociologist I was interpreting for at a primary school.

Student Exchange in Peru: That’s me (in the red t-shirt). To my right, a Belgian Sociologist I was interpreting for at a primary school.

My name is Max Ahumada and I’m from Argentina. Like you, I’m an English learner.


But there was a time I wasn’t. In fact, English was a school subject I hated as much as math.


Anyway, one day not so long ago I gave it a chance and said to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool if I spoke English?” And just like that, 18-year-old Max joined an English school the day right after. However, that initial burst of motivation quickly faded and I quit.


Flash forward to this moment: well, turns out now I’m a complete English geek who runs an ESL blog and plans to make a living out of helping fellow English learners achieve their full potential.


By all accounts I became fluent in English in a relatively short period of time. I got serious about my learning in 2011 and I started to become fluent sometime in 2012. Since then I’ve just become so much better.


So, here’s the thing. Because I’ve gone from getting laughed at for my bad English to having people go “Wow! How did you learn?” I have so much to share and teach. All of the stuff that I share on this blog and on my social media profiles serve the sole purpose of helping you become a WOW English speaker.


The WOW! English speaker

This is the way I like to refer to those people with jaw-dropping English skills. Those who by moments can fool anybody and pass for natives. We have all met a couple of these rare weird specimens at some point. What have they done to reach such high level? Is it talent? Is it hours and hours of practice? Is it both? My mission on this blog is to provide you with content that will help you work towards that goal: to become an all-around kickass English speaker who makes people go “Wow! What is your secret? (more on this on The Go WOW! English Course below).


Been there, done that

I’m not your typical Internet star, native English speaker who can teach you English just because, well, he or she is a native. Instead, I’m a lot more like you. I understand all the difficulties that you’re going through as an English learner, and I’m here to show you how to overcome them.


I’m going to list off some of the thoughts that crossed my mind during these years of learning English:


  • How do I even begin?
  • I can’t speak! It’s so hard!
  • How the heck did they become that fluent? Will I ever reach fluency?
  • OMG! I’m gonna make a fool out of myself!
  • When will I ever understand movies without subtitles!
  • They speak so fast I can’t understand


Can you relate? I’ve been there too. But to be completely honest with you, I never felt discouraged by any of that because I knew I was working towards something special and I knew sooner rather than later I would conquer whatever it was I was stuck on. I just tried harder, pushed my limits, and put in the practice time. The benefits came pretty fast. I have a lot of experience powering through these types of humps and obstacles and on this blog I’ll you how you can do that too.


Academic English vs Real English

Most of the learners and teachers I know sit on one or the other side of the spectrum. They’re either all into teaching English the formal, textbook way or they’re all about learning English just by almost passively and often siting the typical “babies don’t learn to speak by studying grammar, so neither should I or any of my 37-year-old pals.” Or the “Hey, natives speakers don’t know a thing about grammar, so why should I?” People wish it was that simple, but seeing the results of people who claim this system works makes it hard for me to vouch for it.

Likewise, people who only learn through textbooks are unable to get out of their own little world and can’t get out on the open and speak English the way it’s spoken in real life and not in books.

In my opinion the ideal way to learn the language is by getting the best of both worlds. If you’re older than 9 you’re going to learn the language in a rather artificial way. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve an incredibly high level of proficiency in English, it just means that you’re going to have to consciously concentrate on learning the three pillar aspects of the language: vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. You can learn a lot from textbooks and a lot from learning how to emulate the English spoken in real life situations by real people. In Max English you’ll find lessons and learning methods maximize the advantages of both these study approaches.


What you’ll find in Max English


The Go WOW! English Course



The Go WOW! English course is a fluency English course currently in development. It’s meant for people who have achieved basic to intermediate communication skills but who are unable to become advanced and upper advanced English speakers.


We have all at some point met that English speaker who just makes you go “Wow! What it your secret?” After half a decade of constant deliberate practice with the language myself, I’ve condensed the best learning practices and boiled them down into a systematic method to convert regular English skills into highly versatile, rock-solid English skills to become one of those rare jaw-dropping non-native speakers.


The Go WOW! English course is made up of the most revolutionary learning methods and techniques to hit each and every one of the skills that anyone needs to become a “WOW English speaker.


Below is just a brief summary of what GWEC contains:

  1. Dynamic vocabulary building activities that are optimized to guarantee the highest vocabulary retention rate through proven multisensory integration techniques.
  2. User-friendly activities to acquire and consolidate the structural foundations of the language, so that you can express your ideas with full confidence and efficiency.
  3. Accent reduction and pronunciation techniques to develop the ability to adjust one’s speech to the rhythm and tone of native English speakers. http://www.maxenglish.tips/book-a-class/


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